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He texted me and asked if I liked musicals, and I said to myself, ‘A boy after my own heart,’”

Together: Sam and Ryan - 5 months

It was a particularly spirited evening in November when Sam and Ryan first crossed paths. Ditched by his friends and determined to make a night of it, Sam ventured to lower Church St all on his lonesome, in hot pursuit of trouble. With some liquid courage tucked in his briefs, he headed to Sodom. There he caught the attention of Ryan, who was undaunted by Sam’s obvious connection to an overly cocktailed individual.
“He pulled me close on the dancefloor and we kissed. Then he bought me a drink,” Sam says coyly. But for Ryan, scoring a first date proved to be quite the challenge.

“The funny thing is, I almost didn’t go on a date with him,” Sam confides. “I was kind of already seeing this guy, and then a week later I realized that he was an idiot. Story of my life.”
Despite the initial misfire, the couple reunited for a University of Toronto production of Hairspray and have been inseparable ever since. “He texted me and asked if I liked musicals, and I said to myself,  ‘A boy after my own heart,’” Sam says. “We are so lucky to have found one another."

Sodom: Hollywood Gutter & Glam is Sat, May 19 at Goodhandy’s,120 Chruch St.

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